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We are certainly in the last days we have been under heavy attack here at home as well as abroad. if its not the LGBT trying to sink their teeth in us by attacking Christian businesses, or atheist groups attacking our right to freedom of speech to the horrific attacks Christian are facing over seas. we’re talking mass murders for no other reason than being a Christian and not a follower of Muhammad. just this week a mall in Kenya came under heavy fire. their target was non-Muslims. the victims was ask a series of questions if they failed just one of the questions they was gun down. The question they were being asked while have a machine gun shoved in their face was pertaining to any knowledge of Islamic faith.

As the body of Christ lets stand together and keep one another in our prayers and remember our redeemer live.



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see you at the pole will be a week ling event this year there are kids hungry to see God change their lives so one day wasn’t enough this year so hope to see you there.

what happen here was a shame. not that the bakery closed, not that the LGBT group won by bullying.  this was a shame because we as Christian miss great opportunities to be a light.  The gospel was not defended because a cake was not baked. or a bakery was closed for standing up for its religious rights.  We are not here to defend the gospel but preach the gospel. the battle is not ours its the lords.  I believe more could of happen if some one would of included them in their prayers, in their conversations when speaking of souls instead all everyone read was how a gay couple was discriminated against and that it was the church who did it. 

It would of been awesome if that cake was baked and them prayed over. that if that couple don’t know the Lord they would come in to a relationship with him, as I read the article that is what I seen missing,  the invitation to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

we do not war against flesh and blood but the principalities of darkness. and that is who got the victory in this round.

Jesus on his way to Jerusalem, just a little over 300 miles from Syria. Luke records the account Jesus Christ and another man talking where Jesus was asking the man to follow him and the young man replied let me go bury my father. Jesus replied let the dead bury their own dead.  Jesus not suffering from a lack of empathy or compassion he merely knew the heart of whom he was speaking with. The man father was not a believer so he was spiritually dead way before he was physically dead.  He also knew the man was looking for a way out of the task that was set before him.  which brought about Jesus next comment “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back is fit for the kingdom of G-D.

Now I said all that to say President Obama needs to step away and let the dead bury their own dead and focus on what Christ would have him to do.  G-D allowed Obama to be the leader of America not so he can go around flexing his muscles but so that he might be dece3rning about what the will of G-D might be for America and it is certainly not joining a fight for which their is no positive outcome for us. Both sides want to do harm to America.  Let them fight it out but we will keep our hands on the plough.