Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Normalizing Pedophilia, Making provisions for transgender, Celebrating coming out.  These in themselves are not what have me worried.  What has me worried is non-acceptance of these ways of life is looked at as hatred or having a phobic attitude toward the people that choose to live this way.  The church is usually the aim of this dagger of blame.  Christian are unrelentingly targeted that even the babes as the bible refers to them as are questioning whether this is true of them.  Scriptures are hurled at them “love thy neighbor” “judge as you will as be judged.”  Even posing scriptures such as we are all God’s children, God made me this way.  They may feel like something God would say, but only because they make us feel right in our ways.

Now where we are not called to accept, we are called to love and preach the ever set in stone gospel of Jesus Christ.  We do not hate because we say Christ is the way, truth and the light and by no other name must we be saved. We are not homophobic because we say God loves you so much that he sent his only begotten son to die for you that through his death and resurrection you can have everlasting life. We are not intolerant of who you are we are intolerant of who you refuse to be a child of God. 

While we as Christian must work harder at displaying the difference, change in badgering for walking (if a man ask you walk one mile walk with him two). Denounce ignorance for knowledge (my people perish for the lack of knowledge) hold stead fast to prayer and loosen the chains of accusation (where are your accusers?)              


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