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Polygamy is it an offence to God?

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Polygamy is it an offence to God?  I have to admit I do not know.  I know the bible once supported polygamy and I also know several occasion in the bible where it makes reference to having only one spouse.  So I have to ask is polygamy a direct attack at God, where say homosexuality is.  Homosexuality contradicts what God has set in motion. The ability to come together and create life, no homosexual couples can do this. I believe if God meant for it to be then he would have created a way so this could possible happen (for all those out there who want to argue the some heterosexual couples can’t create life). I guess I would have to check the motives of those who wanted to have more than one spouse.  I don’t see where it has a negative effect on the economy, child rearing, or human decency.  I am more interested with their relationship with the Lord.  Is the relationship based only on Legalistic virtues? My church tells me to do this to please God so I’m going to do it. Or this is what I read in the bible so I’m going to do just what it says.  Basically relationships where you don’t even need God to be present just his so called guidelines.

In the matter of our country we are arguing should we legalize polygamy. I would say if polygamy is going to stand on the same leg as homosexual marriage than I say yes.  This is what you get when you want to stretch the first amendment. (Separation of church and state) the world will bend the truth to fit its needs.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not calling polygamy a sin or demonic but I don’t see how it serve the church, all its virtues seems to fit man and man alone.  I’m merely arguing the state can’t say in one breath church and state are separate and in another because America has Christian values we can’t let this happen.  Or because this is foreign to us we can t let this take place. No we are the land of tolerance of acceptance, inclusion we must stand on our principles and usher this in right along with homosexuality, bestiality or whoever or whatever we see ourselves marring we should be allowed in America because we pay our taxes.

I’m glad the kingdom of God does not work like that.  I’m glad I serve a God who says I am the way truth and the light.  I’m glad I can’t just do what makes me feel good and call it right I’m glad I check in with a living God to see if this is pleasing to him and am I being a good witness.  I think that is what this boils down to how my life reflects Gods character.  Being part of some polygamist group turns people off then no matter how it makes me feel I will abide by the law and marry just one woman or one man if it means that others may have an opportunity to know God. As I type this I am reminded of a scripture 1 Corinthians 8:13 and it talks about abstaining from things that may cause others to sin or I would say to not know the truth because that is what sin does not know the truth.  Is polygamy an offence to God I don’t know but it sure does not help his cause any and that is what we are here for.                        


Why is sharing the Gospel so hard?

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i believe sharing the gospel is so hard because we make it harder than what it is when we here stories of our co workers events of the week end they are merely sharing what happen to them that week. there is a couple of things we can do to make shairing the gospel easier and one is get out and experience the world jesus was to not locked upb in a church or walkiing around with the gospel plastered to his face he was having fun and part fo that fun was doing his father business. so first we need to get out there and mix it up and second we need to stop preaching a sermon at people and simple tell them about the experiences we’ve been having doing our fathers biusiness

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Have you thought about that question in a while?

Why is sharing the Gospel so hard?

It’s the greatest and most wonderful news of the universe. It’s better than the cure for cancer and yet we struggle to share Jesus with people. Why? Why is it so hard and why do I know so much about it? Because I am chief of sinners. We allow so many excuses to bombard our minds.

I don’t know enough about the Bible.

What if they ask this or that?

What if I offend them…perhaps now is not the right time…

Maybe another day? (Yes…that must be what the Holy Spirit is saying…”What until a better time.”) Well, I can almost guarantee you that the Holy Spirit is not saying that…but, I know someone else who probably is… Ever heard of the GREAT DECEIVER?

Well, Kim Anderson has overcome these excuses…

Kim is sharing with…

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As I sit and think on what Nelson Mandela means to me because of my age he is a great historic figure.  I can t reflect on his struggle as it was happen, I was too young to comprehend and it was taking place in another country to fully grasp the magnitude of it all. My first time having any emotion that I could remember was watching the movie Serafina which stared actress comedian Whoopi Goldberg.  I remember a couple of years ago I believe hearing of him being sick and in the hospital and I thought he is someone I want to learn more about and I went and purchased the book Long Walk to Freedom.  There were so many great things I learn just reading of him as a little boy.

In my personal life I would hope to put on his embodiment of his cause for my own cause and that is to see others come to know Jesus Christ as there Lord and savior.  Just as Nelson Mandela wanted to see people set free so do I.  I want to see them set free from a life of sin of walking in total darkness, grabbing on to things hoping for stability only to watch themselves fall.  While his fight was a humanistic fight and mine more spiritual they embody the same environment there are people hurting, there is no clear cut path to healing, there are those that do not want to see this come to pass and it will not win any popularity points.  It is, shall, and will happen by the Grace of God. I pray that I may fight the fight and finish the race as Nelson Mandela has.    Image