Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

As I sit and think on what Nelson Mandela means to me because of my age he is a great historic figure.  I can t reflect on his struggle as it was happen, I was too young to comprehend and it was taking place in another country to fully grasp the magnitude of it all. My first time having any emotion that I could remember was watching the movie Serafina which stared actress comedian Whoopi Goldberg.  I remember a couple of years ago I believe hearing of him being sick and in the hospital and I thought he is someone I want to learn more about and I went and purchased the book Long Walk to Freedom.  There were so many great things I learn just reading of him as a little boy.

In my personal life I would hope to put on his embodiment of his cause for my own cause and that is to see others come to know Jesus Christ as there Lord and savior.  Just as Nelson Mandela wanted to see people set free so do I.  I want to see them set free from a life of sin of walking in total darkness, grabbing on to things hoping for stability only to watch themselves fall.  While his fight was a humanistic fight and mine more spiritual they embody the same environment there are people hurting, there is no clear cut path to healing, there are those that do not want to see this come to pass and it will not win any popularity points.  It is, shall, and will happen by the Grace of God. I pray that I may fight the fight and finish the race as Nelson Mandela has.    Image

  1. He was a great man indeed

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