Why is sharing the Gospel so hard?

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

i believe sharing the gospel is so hard because we make it harder than what it is when we here stories of our co workers events of the week end they are merely sharing what happen to them that week. there is a couple of things we can do to make shairing the gospel easier and one is get out and experience the world jesus was to not locked upb in a church or walkiing around with the gospel plastered to his face he was having fun and part fo that fun was doing his father business. so first we need to get out there and mix it up and second we need to stop preaching a sermon at people and simple tell them about the experiences we’ve been having doing our fathers biusiness

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Have you thought about that question in a while?

Why is sharing the Gospel so hard?

It’s the greatest and most wonderful news of the universe. It’s better than the cure for cancer and yet we struggle to share Jesus with people. Why? Why is it so hard and why do I know so much about it? Because I am chief of sinners. We allow so many excuses to bombard our minds.

I don’t know enough about the Bible.

What if they ask this or that?

What if I offend them…perhaps now is not the right time…

Maybe another day? (Yes…that must be what the Holy Spirit is saying…”What until a better time.”) Well, I can almost guarantee you that the Holy Spirit is not saying that…but, I know someone else who probably is… Ever heard of the GREAT DECEIVER?

Well, Kim Anderson has overcome these excuses…

Kim is sharing with…

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