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Truth of the matter is sex sales.  You can dress it up in feminism or taking control of your sexuality in a male dominated world but we know it is neither.  You don’t take control by playing into man’s fantasies   with sexual seductive images or lyrics.  You take control by demonstrating that you don’t have to in order to be thought of as beautiful, strong, or in control. Thanks for waiting until you got married before your explosive promotion of care free sex with your husband but I find it a little puzzling that you a person who like to keep your personal life personal as you have on many occasions admitted, but would plash something so person out for everyone can see and hear the only thing I can think of is sex sales and you are in the business of selling aren’t you?

Creationism voice be heard

creationism has been long deemed a pseudoscience.  I think its about time that our voice be heard and let the facts tell the story.  if the science we use is false or wrong and can be debunked then we welcome that challenge.  this is not something we cooked up behind the walls of a church, neither will we stick our nose in a single book and call it science.  we will use the same methods and language as evolutionist to prove our theory.we know everyone is nervous because if we prove our theory right then that means there is a God and that will open up a whole other set of problems for a Godless nation.