But whosoever shall deny me before men, him i will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.  These words leap off the page as the book of Matthew records them. In most countries we have what is called Freedom of Religion, which means no matter what faith you are you can practice that faith without persecution from your Government.  You will not be jailed, beat, killed, or ostracized for your belief, In these said countries with these freedoms we sill become yellow belly Peters yes St. Peter who was told he would deny the father three times and what he do denied the father three times.  after his close encounters with the Father he still  acted as if he did not know him.  We do this today every time we get around our friends and they are doing something we know the Lord does not approve of and instead of standing up and saying i can’t disobey the Father and take part in this we join the crowed and deny him.  Every time we are presented with a opportunity to take a short cut in life and it requires doing something the Lord would frown upon.  We think of ourselves and do in anyway and deny the Father.  The things we choose to trade in Gods righteousness for our own is laughable.  

There sit in a Sudan prison a young pregnant women and her 22 month old son facing the death penalty.  all because she will Not Deny the Father and tell the Sudanese people she is not Christian that she is Muslim.  Where this young women lives the practice what is called Sharia Law and under this law it allows the Government to do some inhumane  things.  The Law she is guilty of breaking is if you are born a from a Muslim then you are a Muslim and you must only marry Muslim, and because her father who did not raise  her was a Muslim that in there eyes makes her a Muslim, so they threw her and her son in prison to await execution.  she has been given time after time to tell them she is not christian and no one would blame her but she refuse. both her and her son is in bad health her being pregnant and in unsavory conditions and her son being so young in the same conditions.  I tell this story with two reasons in mind. one being that we would pray for this young women and her family. and two so that we would examine our own lives and see where we have been denying the Lord  not to save our lives but to not be left out the crowed.  “an unexamined life is one not worth living”            



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