Pop Culture

We spend a great deal of time looking up to and following celebrities.  We create fan pages, join their bee hives, little monster groups etc.  we spend so many hours looking in to the lives of those that don’t know we exist.  they do  not care to know your name, oh yea they care to know your interest, how you spend your money, how you spend your time.   they don’t care to care they care to market.  this is how they know what to sell you and how to make it desirable to you.  you know who this remind me of SATAN.


God is different he is your fan.  he knows your name, he knows every hair on your head.  he cheers you on every day “you are more than a conquer” “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you””finish the race and fight the fight” these are the words he says to you daily. He is not trying to sell you anything he wants to love on you and give you the best God has to offer. so you can join a bee hive or be a little monster or you can be a child of God and join the kingdom of heaven.


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